Shadow Walker Entertainment is a film and video production company based out of the Hudson Valley Region of New York, founded by award winning writer, producer, director, Darrell Tomporowski. With over 15 years of experience in various positions within the entertainment industry, Darrell encapsulates his own personal style, and message while appealing to the masses. He approaches all his projects as a “Viewer with a Critics eye” and has established relationships within the corporate and nonprofit community and demonstrates a concern for people and the ability to inspire others through the projects he creates. His work has appeared on various networks, and his latest documentary titled “Dropout-An American Education” is currently in production with an anticipated release date in late 2016.


Shadow Walker Entertainment was founded on the principles of teamwork, integrity and a strong commitment to producing quality work that touch on the human experience and have the capacity to educate, inform and motivate audiences through meaningful stories…


Made up by one of the most innovative and creative teams, skilled in the latest technological advancements, as well as developing and producing entertaining and informative projects. Darrell strongly believes that “what we put into the world is what we get out.”